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NET Framework 1.0; I also don't want users (noted in.NET Framework properties) accessing files created by this program (like bin/debug, obj/release). If I was actually distributing this software and doing what I said, I'd need some sort of policy/procedure that would comply with the TOS (like if there's a FAQ or something in the manual). What I'd actually like to do is provide a working copy of the software with source code and files (like.NET Framework, SQL Server 2000/2005 Express Edition, and the IIS files) to my customers. In this case, no source code, nothing that would allow them to re-compile, nothing that might be useful in cracking my software, but only the files that my software creates. I already provide this setup of the software for my customers. A: If you're distributing an executable with files that could allow cracking, you should remove those files (and maybe the executables that create them) from your package. This is a violation of the EULA as well. If the client uses cracks or exploits to break your software, you will get sued for a lot of money. You'll also need to delete those files from the user's system. The user won't know how to do this (and if they're a developer, they may need them). Consider how much trouble you're going to have keeping up-to-date on all of the various cracking tools and techniques. What if the latest version of the tool disables the ones you already have installed? You are distributing cracked software (assuming that your product is cracked). Therefore, it's a violation of the EULA. If you want to have a product which can be distributed freely, then do not add cracked software, but instead distribute the source code of your product. So how do you distribute the cracked software? You make a setup package (also known as a setup program) which contains the cracked software and the data files you want your client to use. Make sure that you don't include the cracked program as an attachment to an email; that would be just as illegal. Instead, you should include a setup.exe, which contains your cracked program, and a setup.ini, which contains your settings. By including the installation wizard of the cracked software, you make sure that the user of your program will be properly educated on how to install the cracked



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